Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education
at Washington University Medical Campus

Call for Fall 2019 Facilitators and Volunteers


The newly redesigned, interactive First-Year IPE Sessions are launching as Phase I of our new curriculum in Fall 2019 and we need your help!

Clinicians and staff are needed to run Phase I. Staff are needed to help run the Poverty Simulations (Sept 16-20 & 23 & 24, 12:30-4p) and clinicians/instructors are needed to facilitate interprofessional teams of students at Sessions II & III, October 24 & 29, 2-5p. Clinicians/instructors also need to register for one of the training options.

Clinicians/instructors, staff and community members can participate in rolling out the new IPE curriculum!

Clinicians/Instructors:  We need you to facilitate on these dates, same team (10 learners) both days:

  • Oct 24, 2019, 2-5 p.m.
  • Oct 29, 2019, 2-5 p.m.
  • If you’re interested in being the representative from your profession in the Poverty Simulation, it is running in seven waves in the afternoon from 12:30-4 p.m., Sept 16-24.

Training will consist of:

  • Attending a poverty simulation
  • Attending training specific to sessions II & III

As always, we will provide a detailed script and training for facilitating a team of interprofessional students, as well as offer numerous ways for you to receive the training you need. And after this, as long as you attend IPE 101 and two other workshops during the year you will be eligible to become a Master Interprofessional Educator!!

Sign up to help!

Staff, upper-level students & community members: We need you to help run the poverty simulation. No training is required. Just commit to one or more afternoons 12:30-4pm, Sept 16-24, 2019. We’ll assign you a role in the simulation like a pawnbroker, rent collector, or banker. The simulations are fun and incredibly informative on a personal level and you can come learn along with the students. Register to volunteer!

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